Why Students Prefer to Study at ATMC

Graduate Work Placement

The ATMC has recently combined with the Australian Computer Society and Federation University Australia to enable graduates to study a new Professional Year Graduate Certificate while working for 12 month with companies organized through ATMC.

Regional Campus

ATMC is the only FedUni provider with a regional campus in Gelong. This campus caters to the needs of the students who would like to claim points for the ‘regional Australia’ part of the points test as part of General Skilled Migration.

Small Class-Size

ATMC provides an intimate learning experience for the students.

Free English Support Classes.

ATMC provides the opportunity for all students to attend the English language support sessions for both general and academic purpose and for IELTS Preparation.

Repeat or/Makeup Classes

Scheduled for late enrolling students in every semester, free of charge.

Mentoring Sessions

ATMC assigns mentor to all ATMC students,free of charge,whereby they are able to work with high performing, more senior students,who acts as their mentor.These mentors are students with specialised knowledge, who have excelled academically, are employed to assist all current students academically and socially,either individually or in all groups.

Extra-Curricular Activities

ATMC conduct a variety of activities throughout the year, such a student party, sports activities, day tours, talent hunt and similar contests.

Rigorous Followups

Reminder SMSs,emails and phone calls are made to students prior/post class-tests,assignment submission & help sessions and exams.

Recorded/Online Lectures

When absent, students can view recorded lectures; currently restricted to few courses but the same will be available shortly for significant number of courses. The welfare, Academic Services & Career Assistance(WACA) Department. Available to help students with studies and personal issues,pn and off campus.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Assistance in finding part-time jobs.

  • Suitable Accommodation.

  • Sports and social events.

  • Extra assistance with academic courses, if required.atmc

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How to Choose Best Overseas Education Consultants?

You need to consider various factors before selecting your study destination, such as education cost, living expenses, job opportunities and quality life. As it is an important decision that students make towards better. After all its an important step in students career so it is important to have genuine guidance and professional guidence to achieve your goal of studying abroad. Misleading information or wrong decision can have negative or serious consiquences . There is tons of information available on internet regarding overseas education. How ever finding the best consultant can be a formidable task. Most of the information internet is misleading,outdated and irrelevant. So its better to look for a professional overseas education consultant to ease the burden of shuffling through the heaps of information. Overseas Education Consultants are the useful source of genuine and complete information regarding studying in foreign country. With their professional and updated information overseas education consultants  can help you to get positive result. While choosing your consultant you need to be very careful. As there are some consultants who provide misleading information and and huge processing fee and students are misled  on visa procedure by fraud agents.


Following are some of the tips to find best overseas education consultants

Research about Company

Check their registration status.

Inquire about their experience

GCS overseas education consultants in Chandigarh is a registered company. We are PIER qualified education agents for Australia and Education New Zealand Trained Agents. If you have any doubts or need information about going abroad for studies Visit us or Call us @ +91 172 4051958.

GLEE Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

SCO-8, Top Floor,Swastik Vihar, MDC, Sector-5

Panchkula, Near IT Park Chandigarh.

Study in Canada – A Right Place to Study and Live.

Canada is ranked as one of the best place to live and study in the world. Its huge and in size and provide immense opportunities . Canada is known for its quality education system and competitive entry requirement.As a multi cultural country studying in Canada could also help you to learn a new language or two. Canada allows people from world wide to study and settle in Canada after their studies if they match the criteria.It is always better to have prior knowledge about the education system and the culture. Following are some important things that Travel Fizz will assist you during your study abroad options


Free Assistance

  • Travel Fizz  provides free study visa assistance to students who wish to go to Canada for their higher education. Travel Fizz  Overseas Education Consultants in Chandigarh will help you to get enrolled in your desired university/institute in Canada with the expert guidance .Out expert and qualified counselors will help you to choose right university or college after reviewing your profile.

World Famous Universities.

  • There are more then 100 universities in Canada and most of them are public funded.Canadian education can open a world of opportunities for you because of the high standards of Universities.


Tuition Fee:

  • Canada education is quite affordable as compare to USA and UK. They charge lower tuition fees from international students. Though the tuition fee is much affordable but the admissions in to Canadian Universities are very competitive .In recent years Canadian inflation rate is among the lowest in the world.

Work while Studying in Canada:

  • International students have an option to work part time in Canada during their course period.Work during the studies is limited to 20 hours per week.Some programs have a co op option for students where they can get experience in their field of study.After completing the studies in Canada student have an option to stay in Canada for work .Students on 1 year study visa will get one year wok visa while the students on 2  or three year course will get 2-3 year of work visa.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Extra curricular activities are an essential part of Canadian Universities. Extra Curriculum activities includes activities like sky diving,rock climbing,surfing, and more. These activities gives an opportunity to explore new places in Canada.

For any query please contact  usTravel Fizz Overseas Education Consultants Chandigarh 

Contact- +91 172 4051959  |  +91 7814669400

Overseas Education Consultants Panchkula

Overseas Education Consultants are available in almost every city for students to consult regarding student visa. A good student visa consultant has to be registered and authorized to guide and assist students in application of their student visa process. In panchkula there are good study abroad consultants and Travel Fizz is one of them. Travel Fizz has its office in panchkula where it provides student visa assistance and ielts coaching. 


Travel Fizz gives students the best consultancy for overseas education without charging any extra fee from them. Travel Fizz has a team of experienced professionals who counsel student and assist them during the whole process of their student visa application. Travel Fizz invites students for their document assessment and Ielts preparation.

Travel Fizz gives the best student visa counselling. During counselling the counselors at Travel Fizz help students to choose the right college/university with right course. Many things are kept in mind while making this choice. The academic record and student’s personal interest. The counsel are well aware about the job prospects in a country after doing completing the education. So they advise the students very carefully so that he finds no issues while looking for jobs after completing is studies.

After that comes the funding part. Travel Fizz is known for its transparent dealing with students . Student only has to pay his college Fee to the college and embassy fee . Travel Fees does not charge and extra amount from the student. Student is advised how he can apply for education through recognized Banks and arrange his funds.

The documentation process is also taken care by Travel Fizz. Where it thoroughly checks each and every documents to make sure that the file of student and the documents meet the standards of the embassy. 

Travel Fizz also helps students to prepare for the interview and make them ready if they are asked to go through the interview. Travel Fizz has many happy and satisfied students who got the desired ielts bands and reached their respective countries and are studying there. 


Travel Fizz believed in making long term relationship with the students and even after they reach the country, Travel Fizz continues to be a support and is always ready to assist student even when they are sitting abroad. 


Study Abroad Consultants Chandigarh

There is a huge market of Study abroad consultants in every country to help students in their overseas plans. The student visa consultants are well qualified and authorized to represent different countries and their colleges or universities. There counselors are well trained and certified to counsel students and to guide them in a right manner. Its always beneficial for students who are planning to move abroad to consult an overseas education consultants regarding there student visa, as they are well aware and updated about any changes in the immigration policies that happen to be every now and then.  

Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

Among the list of top overseas education consultants, Travel Fizz is a study abroad consultant in Chandigarh. Travel Fizz is registered and certified study abroad consultant. Its has an office in Tri-city, Chandigarh and serves to the students coming for Mohali –(Punjab) Chandigarh and Panchkula (Haryana). Travel Fizz has also assisted students from Himachal regarding the study abroad plans.

Students need not worry about their study abroad plans anymore. Counselors at Travel Fizz are well trained and certified to counsel students regarding their education plan for countries like Canada, Australia, Newzealand, USA. Travel Fizz works on clear and transparent policies with students. Travel Fizz charges no extra free or services charges from students.

Students can consult Travel Fizz for free counseling and assessment of their documents can be done by the counselors at no extra cost. It’s important to study the documents of students before coming to a conclusion. Thus students can get theirs documents assessed anytime and get counseling done by our counselors. It’s the important part where the student is prepared mentally for the big step that would determine his/her career and future. After keeping in mind all the facts students is prepared for his education abroad. 

Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

  Our counselors will help students to finalize a college or a university in a chosen country. Regarding the courses and intakes, students will be given complete details. The crucial part is filing. Travel Fizz makes sure it is done in the correct manner and as per the guidelines of visa policies of a country. Continuous update is provided to the students regarding the progress of the case. Regarding campus and accommodation, arrangements will be made if they ask for. Every details of the case is essential for the student and Travel Fizz makes every effort make the dreams of studying abroad come true. Travel Fizz wishes luck to all the students out there and is glad to assist them in their plans.

Why Study in Canada?

Why Choose Canada ?

Have you decided to study in Canada? or Are you still confused where to Go? Let us help you then. Canada of course is a finest destination for students to study. There are hundreds of reasons to choose canada for studies.How about studying a few?


The Land of Lakes and Cottages
Canada has more lakes than any other country — about 3 million.The province of Ontario alone contains about a third of the world’s fresh water spread over 250,000 lakes. Its scenic and is placed third for having cleanest Air on the Planet.

It welcomes different cultures and has embraced almost all. Students don’t find it any difficult to find their own ethnic groups. And there is always a chance mingle with people of different cultures and explore new things about them.

Internationally Recognized Education System 

Studying in Canada is going to get you an international platform. Canada maintain high standards in their education system. A degree/Diploma or certificate earned in Canada is valued globally. Thus be relaxed about career after completing you education. As your studies in Canada is going to open great opportunities for a better future.

Easy and Affordable system of education

As compared to countries like United Kingdom or United States, Canada is much more on the lower side in terms of expenses. Although the living standards and education is said to be the best, the cost of living and tuition is generally less. This is also one of the reason why Canada is a favourite among international students.

Impressive Campus Life

Your Campus life is full of excitement. There is so much to explore. Your campus is equipped with latest technology but modern amenities as well. Concert halls , galarries and best sports facilities. As you get involved with the students-run activities like camps, radios, newspaper, you will have an extra advantage of putting your skills and talents in use.These campuses are a great combination of education and recreation at the same time.

Best IELTS Coaching Center in Chandigarh

When a student thinks about going overseas for education, The first thing that student is asked for, is his IELTS score. Depending upon different requirements of different colleges and their courses, IELTS score requirement varies. There are other test like TOEFL and PTE. But most of the time colleges and universities demand for IELTS score of the students.

IELTS test a major requirement set by English speaking Countries to check the English proficiency of a students in terms of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Students often look at IELTS as a big hurdle to cross , in order to reach their college or university.

Students also go out to search the Best IELTS Coaching Centers in Chandigarh and their own respective locations. No doubt there are many good IELTS coaching centers in every town or city that will guide you and teach you how to crack your IELTS exam, But a 3 or 4 hours class is still not sufficient to get good scores in IELTS.

A personal and individual effort is required to clear your IELTS test with good scores.

No teacher or a coaching center can guarantee you a good IELTS score until you do not develop the confidence of doing well in your exam.

And that is what We believe and do as a Teacher. We believe in building the confidence of a student and making him ready for IELTS test.

Apart from a three hours class we suggest students to practice writing essays and daily journal. which would help their writing skills. We also suggest them to practice speaking in english not only during class hours but outside as well.

IELTS is not at all difficult all it needs is time and practice.

For more details contact Travel Fizz which is one of the best IELTS coaching center in Chandigarh and also get help regarding you student Visa.

Call us at 0172-4051958
or Visit us at:

SCO-8, Top Floor, Swastik Vihar

MDC, Sector-5, Panchkula,Near IT Park Chandigarh


Email – contact@travelfizz.com


Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh and Panchkula

ielts coaching institute

Overseas education is not a very difficult goal to be achieved now a days. For last few years people have been moving abroad for one or the other reasons. For business , tourism etc. But for last few years education has been a very big reason for people moving abroad. this includes the your students who decide to pursue their studies in countries like USA, UK, Canada and so on.

In this whole process of moving abroad , the study visa consultants play a very important role. Study Visa consultants are the authorized professionals who study the rules nad regulations , Terms and conditions and who are fully aware of the prerequisites that need to be fulfilled while applying the Student Visa to a certain embassy of a particular country.

Overseas education consultants are all over the world. Speaking of India there are many legally authorized  students Visa consultants , who turn out to be a big help for the students looking for student Visa assistance or guidance regarding that matter.

Here we play a very important role of being a guide to the students in their journey of applying and receiving student visa. Travel Fizz is the authorised and expert student visa consultant in Chandigarh. Not only chandigarh, Travel Fizz plays a role of guide as its is the best student visa consultant located in Panchkula. Thus making it assesible for people from not only chandigarh and punjab, but students from Haryana and Himachal Pardesh also come and take guidance for their Visa application process.

The best part is, Travel fizz does not charge from students and extra fee for its services. Travel Fizz works best as the student visa guide in chandigarh and panchkula to the students looking for study visa for Australia, Newzealand, USA, UK and Canada.