Why Students Prefer to Study at ATMC

Graduate Work Placement

The ATMC has recently combined with the Australian Computer Society and Federation University Australia to enable graduates to study a new Professional Year Graduate Certificate while working for 12 month with companies organized through ATMC.

Regional Campus

ATMC is the only FedUni provider with a regional campus in Gelong. This campus caters to the needs of the students who would like to claim points for the ‘regional Australia’ part of the points test as part of General Skilled Migration.

Small Class-Size

ATMC provides an intimate learning experience for the students.

Free English Support Classes.

ATMC provides the opportunity for all students to attend the English language support sessions for both general and academic purpose and for IELTS Preparation.

Repeat or/Makeup Classes

Scheduled for late enrolling students in every semester, free of charge.

Mentoring Sessions

ATMC assigns mentor to all ATMC students,free of charge,whereby they are able to work with high performing, more senior students,who acts as their mentor.These mentors are students with specialised knowledge, who have excelled academically, are employed to assist all current students academically and socially,either individually or in all groups.

Extra-Curricular Activities

ATMC conduct a variety of activities throughout the year, such a student party, sports activities, day tours, talent hunt and similar contests.

Rigorous Followups

Reminder SMSs,emails and phone calls are made to students prior/post class-tests,assignment submission & help sessions and exams.

Recorded/Online Lectures

When absent, students can view recorded lectures; currently restricted to few courses but the same will be available shortly for significant number of courses. The welfare, Academic Services & Career Assistance(WACA) Department. Available to help students with studies and personal issues,pn and off campus.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Assistance in finding part-time jobs.

  • Suitable Accommodation.

  • Sports and social events.

  • Extra assistance with academic courses, if required.atmc

For more information contact at our website.


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